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Internal medicine, aptly names, focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of illness. While these physicians, or internists, who see to patients' needs handle all manner of adult disease, they are not considered general practitioners. When you require treatment in Hampton Roads, you will find some of the best internists at Bon Secours Hampton Roads facilities throughout the region.

Internists offer care in a number of medical specialties, including:

Cardiology: diagnosis and treatment of heart ailments and high blood pressure.
Diabetes: diagnosis and management of chronic diabetes.
Gastroenterology: diagnosis and treatment of digestive illnesses.
Hematology: diagnosis and treatment of blood disease.
Nephrology: diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.
Neurology: diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders.
Rheumatology: diagnosis and treatment of tissue and autoimmune disorders.

Internal medicine also covers sub-specialties focused on pediatric, adolescent, and geriatric medicine.

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